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Heartbleed Bug – Internet’s Most Dangerous Vulnerability

The internet has been abuzz lately due to the discovery of one of the most dangerous exploits ever found since its creation. It’s called Heartbleed, a term which best describes how valuable the data that can be stolen due to this bug is and the processes that are involved. Below is a good explanation of the bug quoted from heartbleed.com… continue reading


DL600 VS DL700

Digicel DL600 VS DL700- To the surprise of most of us, Digicel dropped two smartphones in the same year. The DL600 was first released and just within a few came… continue reading


Kingston Beta

Kingston BETA 2014- Jamaica’s Tech Community MeetupWhere will you be going on Thursday, April 24? Whatever your answer is, I can guarantee that it won’t be quite as… continue reading

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iphone 6

The New Apple iPhone 6 -Wow, I have not been excited about an iPhone since Steve Jobs was around and that was way before the iPhone 4 was released back in June of 2010… continue reading

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