The Game Boy is 25 Years Old this Month

It felt like just yesterday that I was playing through Mario World on a Game Boy but if you’re reading this, 25 long or should I say very fast years have passed since Nintendo first released the Game Boy. It was by all means a very impressive piece of hardware that out sold every other hand held gaming device during its time. It was launched back in 1989 and was redesigned three… continue reading


DL600 VS DL700

Digicel DL600 VS DL700- To the surprise of most of us, Digicel dropped two smartphones in the same year. The DL600 was first released and just within a few came… continue reading


Kingston Beta

Kingston BETA 2014- Jamaica’s Tech Community MeetupWhere will you be going on Thursday, April 24? Whatever your answer is, I can guarantee that it won’t be quite as… continue reading

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iphone 6

The New Apple iPhone 6 -Wow, I have not been excited about an iPhone since Steve Jobs was around and that was way before the iPhone 4 was released back in June of 2010… continue reading

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