iSteve the Steve Jobs movie now Available on DVD

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The first ever movie based on the life of the late Steve Jobs is now available on DVD. Wait! Let me scrap that. A funny but twisted Biopic of the late Steve Jobs, which was actually put together from a very poor research done on Job’s Wikipedia Page, is now available on DVD. Starring Justin Long as Steve Jobs and Jorge Garcia from Lost as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. This is a comedy that was surely not intended to touch on any hard facts on Steve Jobs. It was meant strictly for entertainment, and the director actually managed to pull it off.

iSteve created by the guys over at, premiered on their website on April 17. It was as actually set to be premiered on April 15, but was delayed in respect to the Boston Marathon bombings that took place on that date.

The movie is available on Amazon, so if you missed the premier now is you time to go check it out.

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